Lord of the Flies Audiobook Review

I was a little disappointed after listening to this book. Expectations were different, and as is often the case, they were not met. On the other hand, this work, written by William Golding in 1954, provides food for thought and serves as a kind of manual on how not to organize new communities, states, etc. I downloaded it from https://www.bookscougar.com/audiobook/lord-of-the-flies/¬†and I highly recommend this website to everyone. It’s fast and has tens of thousands of audiobooks.

“Lord of the flies” audiobook is similar to some books about the Apocalypse. Maybe someone remembers: after that very Apocalypse, a handful of people survive. It goes without saying that they are trying to build a new society. Build on old concepts. As a rule, a new leader is chosen, a very worthy person, and let’s say “democratic”. What’s next? The scenarios are usually the same. Much chatter and little action. And when someone offers something other than chatter, more real (food, shelter), then people are already following the new leader, despite the fact that they can be a very bad person.

The above paragraph, in theory, is almost similar to the development of events in “Lord of the flies”, with one exception: in the novel, the main characters are children. And children under twelve years of age.

I was confused by the fact that the novel does not explain how the boys got to this island. Shipwreck? Probably, yes but nevertheless, the complete absence of adults is too strange…

Let’s leave this fact aside.

What do we see at the beginning of the novel? A lot of small “gentlemen”, produced in England, find themselves on an island that can be considered a Paradise. Fruit, tropical weather, and complete absence of adults. Initially, there are no “bad guys” among them, except for Roger, who is not particularly mentioned in the beginning.

Ralph. The main characters are Ralph and Jack. Two leaders. But it just so happens that the guys choose Ralph, a simple boy who has no idea how to organize everything correctly. Ralph is not an angel, he’s just an ordinary honest guy with the right ideas and principles.

Jack. The second boy, Jack, the leader of the children’s choir, comes to terms with being left out of power. He will get the role of “hunter”, a forager. He hunts wild pigs, of which there were many on the island. The new “democratic government”, represented by Ralph, immediately concedes, leaving Jack with his personal army of chorus boys.

Simon and Piggy. Simon is the strangest figure in this novel. You can understand Jack, who had his own ideas and principles, but Simon… Of course, somewhere in England, he would just be considered a strange boy, not from this world, but here on the island Simon is the “weak link”. As is Piggy. Being the object of ridicule for being overweight, he was mentally superior to absolutely all the characters. And they don’t like smart people. Especially the dictators.

You can probably imagine further events. We accept the fact that the main characters are children. And the children are cruel. They are much closer to animals, it is much easier for them to roll back to their pristine state. Therefore, everything that happened afterward was not particularly surprising.

I knew perfectly well that Ralph was just a child, spoiled by civilization, and the foundations of a new society were unknown to him. However, I was enraged by his stubbornness about the fire and the smoke. Of course, it was necessary, but his whining no longer inspired anyone.

In general, it turned out as I wrote at the very beginning of the review. I didn’t like the novel very much, but it really caught me, and when I went to bed, I was already preparing some thoughts, suggestions, and paragraphs for writing this review.

There is no blood in the book as in the “Deadkidsongs” that I recently read. The novel “Lord of the flies” was written a long time ago, but its task is not to frighten the listener with the sight of blood and guts, rather show how quickly little angels can turn into small, but evil animals.…

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