More About Learning English Using Books and Audiobooks

Of course, you know that the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn a foreign language is to read books written in that language.

The more interesting and exciting the work, the easier and faster you can add to your passive vocabulary.

For people who already know the language but temporarily do not use it, it is very useful to read English books in the original in order to preserve their knowledge of the language.

By reading English books, you will strengthen your knowledge of grammar, spelling, expand your vocabulary, and for one get pleasure from interesting and exciting material.

You can find an English book by the author you are interested in by choosing the direction in which the author primarily writes. If you know how to spell the author’s name or the title of the work correctly, you can use the search.

In order to be able to download books for free and choose exactly what You need, You need to know where the books can be taken, at the moment there are many sites offering to download books, you can stop at one of them.

Some read fiction, some read magazines, and some read scientific papers that are relevant to their professional activities. Some people who prefer to read magazines and newspapers rather than books believe that this literature is much more useful than fiction. In some ways, they are right, because in fiction you will not find the vocabulary that is found in real life. In the literature of the new words relate mainly to the different thematic groups.

In this case, it will be difficult for you to remember them, except that you write them down in a notebook along with the sentences and phrases in which they were used. But no one will argue that reading Newspapers and magazines does not bring us the pleasure that we get from reading fiction.

Often people ask whether they need to read literature if they listen to audiobooks.

While listening to audiobooks, you train your perception of information by ear, reading, in this case, is not trained. The ideal option is to listen to some parts of the book, then read it to remember how to write the words, and then translate the words that you did not perceive by ear. After that, it is desirable to listen to this fragment of text several more times.

We don’t always have time to listen to something in audio format, but there are no problems with reading. So, to read something, we need much less time. This does not mean that you do not need to listen to audio recordings, in fact, it is very useful and interesting, to train reading, you need to do exercises and read. Now let’s talk about adapted literature.

Many people wonder whether they should read adapted books. More and more often I hear that adapted literature is harmful because it has a very simple language, and that you need to immediately read the books in the original. But it all depends on how well you speak a foreign language.

If you have an initial level of language, you will not be able to read books in the original. Therefore, if you are learning English, choose adapted literature. Today, bookstores have a huge selection of such literature.

If you do not speak English at a high level, but do not want to read adapted literature, then start by reading small books, you need to get used to reading only in English.

It is up to you to decide which books to read. You must understand that all people like different things. Some like to read detective stories, others love novels. So decide for yourself what you like.

People are also concerned about what to choose for reading, classic or modern literature?

So, it all depends on what you are going to read for, there are a lot of words and phrases in classical works that are not used in everyday life.

Therefore, if you want to Supplement your vocabulary with modern vocabulary, it is better to choose modern literature.

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