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1. Agriculture

Comp. U.S. BS degree, Management of Tropical Crop Estates (Plantations), State College of Tropical Agriculture, Deventer, the Netherlands - 1960
BS degree, Agriculture, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii - 1965

Agricultural Technologist - Salinas Valley, California (crossing wheat/rye)
Agronomist/Plant Breeder - San Joaquin Valley, Cal (forage crops)

2. Health Science

M.S. Health Science, California State University, Fresno, California - 1976

California State Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS #3924) Fresno & Tulare County Health Departments (Retired in 2005)

Saudi Arabia under contract with the Saudi Royal Commission and Private Industry (1982-1985).

Specialty areas are:
Land Use; Liquid Waste; Water and Air Quality; Hazardous Material/Emergency Response; Food Sanitation and Consumer Protection.

Certified Food Safety Manager, The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Certificate #GA 000019834 Orlando, Florida- 2000

3. Human Nutrition

Ph.D. Nutrition, Donsbach University, later International University of Nutrition Education (IUNE), Chula Vista, California

4. California Community College teaching credential.

Subject Matter Areas: Agricultural Services and Processing; Health and Physical Care Services and Related Technologies. 1977

5. Multilingual/multicultural professional

Interpreter-translator for US Army in Germany (1962-1965). Perform annually in the same capacity as volunteer for the International Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, California (Dutch, German and Indonesian) - Freelance interpreter.

Traveled to 22 countries worldwide; lived in five. Lecturer on matters pertaining to cross cultural communication and cultural diversity.

Translated Dutch documents and manuscripts into English for publication in either document form or as a book. Latest completed project book titled "TOEAN PETORO FROM MAMASA, 2002" The life of a Dutch civil adminstrator in the former Netherlands East Indies. Xlibris.Com Bookstore

6. Author/editor/speaker

Wrote forty-four (44) articles in Dutch and English. Received the "Author of the Year Award" in 1993 by the California Environmental Health Association.

Compiled and edited the book The Defining Years of the Dutch East Indies, 1942-1949. Survivors' Accounts of the Japanese Invasion and Enslavement of Europeans and the Revolution That Created Free Indonesia. 1996

Featured speaker at California Enviornmental Health Association Meetings.

7. Public Relations/Liaison

Civilian equivalency of Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) [Civil Affairs Specialist] acting as Division in Germany, is Private Public Relations Specialist. Civil servant for 30+ years interfacing with the public almost on a daily basis. Facilitate communication between foreign nationals, staff and merchants at annual International Farm Equipment Show in Tulare, California.

8. Research capabilities

Performed library/computer searches while writing articels and editing books.
Responsible for conducting record searches as REHS.
Research and development of agricultural product lines while in private industry.

9. Computer literate

I make liberal and frequent use of Internet resources, provide custom services in Dutch-Indonesian genealogy and own 36 - 16 mm microfilms containing 14,000 typical Dutch East Indies family names.

Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.


Cross-Culture Communication
Environmental Health
Book:Defining Years
Human Nutrition